Working as an SAP consultant in Germany

Experience required for SAP jobs in Germany

There are roles available throughout Germany at all levels. As well as countless SAP consultant positions there are a lot of internship and working study programs in Germany. SAP Germany offer a large number of intern positions every year.

Companies hiring in Germany

As the home of SAP, you will find companies of all sizes recruiting for SAP consultant jobs from small consultancies to large multi-nationals. The main cities you will find work are Munich, Cologne, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt. There are also some large English-speaking companies located in Stuttgart.

There are not any specific SAP modules in demand in Germany as it is used by companies of various sizes in all sectors. There are always plenty of permanent opportunities for SAP consultants with in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies.

Nationality and visas

Whether or not you need a visa will naturally depend on your nationality. If required, you can only apply for a working visa once you have received your work contract.

EU citizens are free to work and live in Germany.

Citizens of Schengen countries are able to apply for a Schengen visa.

Non-EU nationals can apply for an EU Blue Card.

German companies typically prefer to hire native Germans – this is especially the case if the company is a German-speaking company.

As visas are generally linked to a company rather than a specific position, you will need to reapply for a visa if you are changing employers. If your visa is not company-sponsored, you be able to stay in the country until the visa expiration date.

Company status, getting paid and taxes

You will be required to have a limited company to work as an SAP contractor in Germany. Your company will be paid for the work you do, and your company will be liable for any currency conversion costs.

If you are paid through an umbrella company, your tax payments will be arranged by them. There are agreements in place between countries to ensure you are not taxed twice (in Germany and back in the UK for example). You will need to seek professional advice from an accountant on this as the rules on where and how much tax depend on a number of variables.

Flights, accommodation and expenses

Flights, accommodation and expenses may or may not be covered by the client depending on the placement.

Salaries, cost of living and driving

Whilst you can expect to get paid more than you would in a similar UK position, the cost of living and the tax you will be paying (and to whom) needs to be factored in. There are online resources that will give you an idea of the prices of goods and services in Germany.

You will need a valid UK driving licence to drive in Germany. You are also required to be able to show proof of insurance (third party or above), proof of ID (e.g. passport) and proof of vehicle ownership (V5C Certificate). Drivers are also required to have the following items when driving: warning triangle, headlamp beam deflectors and a first aid kit (compulsory for 4×4 vehicles). See the RAC site for more details and read up on road rules and regulations.


Until the UK’s decision to leave the EU has been finalised and negotiations have completed, all the present day regulations and requirements will remain in place.

The benefits

Overall, working as an SAP consultant in Germany is a great decision due to the lifestyle, travel opportunities, the pay and the availability of work. So what are you waiting for! See our SAP jobs in Germany.