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Working as an SAP contractor gives you the freedom to choose when you work, who you work for and also where. One popular destination is Switzerland – the benefits include the culture, the scenery, the cities and the outstanding quality of life in general. Before you pack your bags though, there are a few things you need to consider.


Working in Switzerland requires you have an appropriate work permit. These are awarded based on where you are from, the skills you possess and immigration quotas. If you are from a country in the European Union or the EFTA (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway), you are able to visit Switzerland for up to three months whilst you look for work. If you have been offered contract work (less than three months) you do not need permission to work (though you are required to register your employment). For employment lasting longer than three months, you will require a residence permit.

If you are from a non-EU or non-EFTA country, you must have a guaranteed work contract from an employer as well as an appropriate work visa before arriving. Permits are not guaranteed with a work contract, so these should be applied for as soon as possible.

Read more on Switzerland’s work permits.

Are limited companies required to work as a contractor in Switzerland?

To work in Switzerland, you are required to be a permanent employee of a Swiss registered company. The easiest way to secure work and have your payments process quickly is to work via payroll company. Whilst this is an expense, the benefits are they will handle the visa process, prompt payments and all tax issues.

Tax in Switzerland

Whilst you will probably enjoy one of the lower tax rates in Europe, there are many factors which determine how much tax you pay. The following will all be taken into account: age, nationality, marital status, age of spouse, whether or not your spouse is employed, number of children, age of children, if you are a member of a church. There can be other things to consider which your payroll company will discuss with you.

Flights, accommodation and expenses

Whether or not these are covered varies role to role.

Salaries, day rates and cost of living in Switzerland

You will be pleasantly surprised at the day rate or salary you receive or are offered – this will seem high in comparison to the elsewhere in Europe. However, the cost of living in Switzerland is higher than elsewhere so this needs to be factored in. This will also obviously vary depending on location (cities vs towns), your lifestyle and whether or not you have dependants or other financial commitments. See here for average prices of goods and services.

Another positive to working in Switzerland is their currency has been steadily moving up against the Pound for the last 12 months.

Driving in Switzerland

You can drive with in Switzerland using your British driving license. If you are travelling there in your own car, you will need a GB sticker on the back of your car, your car insurance certificate, a warning triangle in case of breakdown, headlamp converters (for driving on the opposite side of the road), a motorway sticker (you can buy this at the border), snow chains (if poor weather) and if you wear glasses – a spare pair. Read more on the RAC website.

Demand for SAP consultants in Switzerland

SAP consultant roles are always available in Switzerland, and good SAP consultants always in demand. With 15 Fortune 500 companies based here, the economy relies heavily on the skilled workforce – the strongest sectors being banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, bio/microtechnology and import/export sectors.

You will find a wide variety of SAP jobs in these industries as well as a range of seniorities.

Location location location

Most of the SAP jobs in Switzerland will be based in Zurich, Basel or Geneva.

Other good reasons to move to Swizerland

If you haven’t already made up your mind, here’s some other things to help convince you:

Per capita, Switzerland has the highest consumption of chocolate in the world.

Half of the world’s luxury watches produced are made in Switzerland.

Switzerland is home to the world’s largest nuclear shelter, the Sonnenberg Tunnel, which can house up to 20,000 people.

The Anti PowerPoint Party is a political party that promotes the decrease of PowerPoint in presentations. Last year they received over 4300 votes!

Foreigners make up 23% of Switzerland’s population.

Switzerland has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.

The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee whilst working as a contractor at CERN, Geneva in 1989.


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See our current SAP jobs in Switzerland.