International SAP and Oracle careers

In our industry, the world truly is becoming a global village – and we’ve got the international outlook and expertise to match. So if you’re looking for a SAP, Oracle or specialist IT role on the international market, make Whitehall Resources your first port of call.

Register your CV with us to be considered for our permanent and contract international SAP, Oracle and IT roles.

You’ll discover we have a network of employers offering contract and permanent roles in over 80 countries and across 4 continents. Most are multinational companies offering highly rewarded positions to candidates with the right skills.

So whether you are looking to take your career to a fresh location, or make use of language skills to give your CV a new direction, talk to Whitehall Resources. We’ll bring our trademark passion, enthusiasm and integrity to finding the best international role for you. See our latest SAP jobs for more information.

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