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If you’re an Oracle specialist and wanting to ensure your Oracle career moves in the right direction, you need to select a recruitment agency carefully.  Whitehall Resources will open up a vast global network of employers who need exceptional Oracle talent and look after you throughout your career finding you job after job.

test2To get the best out of Oracle careers it’s critical that you find the right companies to work for and develop relationships with the recruitment agencies they use. Whitehall Resources partners with over 500 of the world’s most successful organisations, so needless to say you’re in the right place! We run a dedicated and specialised Oracle Recruitment team which means we are best placed to help you manage your Oracle career and find that next best job move.

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Whether you want to stay in country or use your Oracle skills to take your career further afield, Whitehall Resources has a steady stream of jobs to match you to. We take a great deal of care in getting to know our clients’ needs and we invest a lot of time into these relationships, we never recommend them anyone who we don’t think will be successful with them. This means we need to get to know you, what your skills are, who you’ve worked with. The more information you provide us with, the better we are able to find roles that you’ll enjoy and thrive in for your next employment opportunity.

Contract or permanent Oracle careers

Whitehall Resources places candidates in both contract and permanent Oracle roles and many of our contract candidates have been placed a few times by us. Oracle professionals find that their careers enable them to work with like minded dynamic people from all over the world, it’s normally a highly diverse work environment and you’ll need to deliver high standards in your job. During this time you can expect us to keep in touch from time to time as once placed by Whitehall you’ll value the relationship with us, knowing we’re there when you’re ready to take another step in your career or change direction with your skills or location.

All our consultants’ treat people fairly, we operate with integrity, honesty and professionalism at all times and it’s these values that have made us successful, we would not be one of the worlds most valued and successful Oracle recruitment agencies without them. We expect the same from our candidates and you can start employment with us on your next career move by visiting our Oracle jobs section here. In the meantime it’s worth reflecting on the experiences other candidates have had at Whitehall Resources, candidates probably very similar in outlook to you. See our latest Oracle jobs.

“In my 17 year Oracle contract career , I have encountered a broad spectrum of agencies in terms of efficiency, communication skills and trustworthiness.  I’m happy to report that I have found Whitehall to be excellent across the board. I would particularly like to highlight the right balance between friendly and professional communications with the back office staff and they should be commended for this. The recruitment consultants at Whitehall Resources are also enthusiastic, friendly and have proved to be trustworthy”

David Gould – Oracle Financials Technical Lead 

Whitehall Resources works with candidates to finds jobs for their Oracle careers with over 700 of the world’s leading companies


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