IBM Connect:Direct Engineer

Job ID: 26951 Job Type: Contract Duration: 3 Months +
Location: Cheshire Start Date: ASAP Contact: Matt Wadling
Job ID: 26951
Job Type: Contract
Duration: 3 Months +
Location: Cheshire
Start Date: ASAP
Contact: Matt Wadling

IBM Connect:Direct Engineer

Whitehall Resources are currently looking for a IBM Connect:Direct Engineer to work with a client in Cheshire.

Essential Experience:

* Knowledge of CD architecture: Understanding of Installation, Configuration of CD; Commands, jobs, File Agent automation etc. on various OS platform.
* Install, licenses, CD Admin tasks, updating config files, working with Xlate tables (ASCII to EBCIDIC), user proxy setup, netmaps
* Cluster install and concepts on Windows & Unix
* Secure Plus option, config and certificate management and deployment
* Troubleshooting via logs, statistics, traces, loopback techniques
* Understanding of PKI, SSL, SSH and PGP technologies. Automation using crontab, Autosys and windows batch scripting
* Working knowledge of HTTP, FTP, FTPs, sFTP protocols, experience in implementing solution around these protocols
* Working knowledge of SCC, SSP operations and administration
* SI operational: Business process Flow, CD adapter, SFTP adapter, FTPS Adapter
* Sterling File Gateway Operational: Partner configuration, properties files, tracking / monitoring, mailbox setup. Working knowledge of Filegateway, Configuration of partner, groups, templates & Channels on filegateway.
* Sterling Secure Proxy (primary) & external authentication Server (secondary optional). SSP config, SSP key management, configuration manager,
* Good at shell scripting. Can understand, use and enhance the existing complex shell scripts and write new scripts
* Can use tools and utilities supplied with CD. Certificate Wizard.
* Can use tools and utilities and diagnostic tools expertly on Unix or Windows. Traceroute, TCPdump etc.
* 3rd party tools such as Humming Bird, Xwindows, putty
* Able to perform capacity analysis and planning on one or more platforms (AIX, xLinux, Windows)
* Able to progress Incident and Problem resolution without additional support
* Able to provide on-call support with backup support
* Able to provide on-call support independently
* Able to undertake problem diagnosis for infrastructure area
* Able to perform root cause analyse & resolution
* Represents the team for technical issues
* Provides direction for technology within key specialist area
* Operating System Knowledge
* Able to work on AIX and well versed with vi
* Able to work with z-Linux and or x-Linux
* Basic Mainframe knowledge. JCL & running NDM programs,
* Able to understand the existing complex MFT landscape
* Able to understand the existing complex MFT landscape and suggest enhancements and simplifications
* Able to execute component build following the Standard CD build guide


* Undertake product installs / maintenance. Able to undertake the product installs / maintenance tasks following the standard guides
* Directs product installs and maintenance. Able to enhance existing build guides / develop new build guides to incorporate new patch levels and cover new platforms
* Routine administration task start/stop/recycle, logging, tracing, troubleshooting (using command line)