Oracle Environment Manager

Oracle Environment Manager

Whitehall Resources are currently looking for an Oracle Environment Manager.

The objective of Environment Management is to define, manage and govern all aspects of the end to end Environment lifecycle in accordance with agreed policy and process.
The Environment Management process owner will own the policy and process by which all the IT environments are managed and will act as a focal point for the tasks undertaken. The Environment Manager will co-ordinate the technical teams, as required, to support environment builds from request, through provisioning, ongoing maintenance until finally being re-used or decommissioned.

Key Accountabilities:

1. Environment Management Policy and process definition.
Work with key stakeholders to define, agree and communicate a policy and process which meets the requirements of all and links into existing policy, process and frameworks.

2. Accountable for the Environment Management process

3. Baseline environment estate
Carry out periodic investigation and audits to ensure the environment estate is current and valid.

4. Manage environment requests
Based on need, identify an appropriate environment strategy to meet the need (i.e. re-use, uplift or provision)

5. Define new environment requirements
Manage the definition on new environment requirements to repeatable and agreed standards.

6. Govern and verify new environment architectures
Ensure all environment requirements are identified within architecture documents

7. Define and verify connectivity needs between new and existing environment components
Ensure that the new components fit into the existing environment estate and that all firewall, certification and licensing needs are defined and verified

8. Environment Provision governance
Identify what environments are required for the project and ensure they are delivered in line within timescales

9. Accountable for the definition and upkeep environment maintenance model
Identify how changes are requested, applied and verified against the environment baseline

10. Govern environment ownership and maintain the relationship with those owners
Identify owners and ensure that the responsibility of ownership is communicated and understood

11. Environment Scheduling
Create and maintain a plan of what environments are being used at any one point and by what task so that environment scheduling can be done easier and new builds can been implemented quicker. Ensure this plan is communicated to all stakeholders

12. Impact assessment and communication of environment change
Assess and communicate the environmental impacts of all change which would affect the composition of the environments to all interested stakeholders

13. Co-ordinate environment deployments
Ensure process and procedures are in place with all responsible parties to deploy environment changes effectively.

14. Verify deployments
Perform stand up tests to ensure deployments have been successful

15. Maintain a report of environment configuration and usage reports
Ensure that these are communicated to all stakeholders and actions are taken on the results of the reports

16. Provide the Single Point of Contact for environment related queries
Act as the SPOC for all environment related queries, from environment requests to problem resolution so that the project has a clear owner and method of escalation.

17. Govern and verify updates made within environments
coordinate all teams resolving an environment fault and ensure the updates made meet the end user need

18. User access, Security & Data Management
The Environment Manager will take ownership of the environment security and data management of all the environments. They will ensure all environments comply with the clients IT security policies and the data is managed in accorda