.Net Developer

To develop a Screen for operators in packaging whereby we provide them an unique, distinctive, standardized and intuitive screen to manage packaging of liquid cider. This screen would be used by ~90 odd users in two Packaging lines with one computer in each packaging line.

In terms of solution, We plan to build a .Net screen(webpage), this .Net screen would consume webservice/REST API hosted by SAP PO and act as a front end to our SAP ECC6.0 application

At initial login(by AD account) user would be asked to enter details in selection screen, upon execution, user would see a list of PPO’s(Packaging Process orders, for Ciders going into bottle/cans ) and TPO(Transfer process orders, Cider from Tanks to Production Tank). user now have the option to perform multiple activities on PPO’s/TPO’s, for example requesting LIMS to sample finished products from the tanks, start a job by releasing a PPO, Goods Issue Blended Juice to Transfer, Goods Issue non-backflush items on Packaging BOMS and confirm process orders etc.

Every activity would be performed in SAP ECC via API/Webservice hosted by SAP PO. Our expectation from the .Net developer is to create this screen and consume the SAP webservice/API in the screen, help us in connectivity strategy between SAP and .Net server, help us to strategize and provide a distinctive experience to the users by managing data selection strategy from SAP and UI building blocks in .Net system etc.

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.