Competition for SAP jobs in the UK is fierce, so as a candidate, you’ll want to do all you can to stand out from the crowd. In most cases, candidates are judged on paper before they get the opportunity to attend an interview, so having an impressive CV is all the more important in ensuring you secure a SAP job.

Tailor your CV to the job role

Although the style and layout of your CV is undoubtedly important, the proof is in the content. If you’re applying for a SAP job that has been outwardly advertised, then take the time to match the language used in your CV to that used in the advert. If possible, make a copy of the original job advert and take note of the most important skills and experience. Adjust your CV so that it provides examples of these specific skills and strengthen your claims by highlighting what experience you have in those areas.

Start with your most recent experience first

When a SAP recruiter picks up your CV for the first time, they don’t want to have to scroll to the end to read your most recent experience. It makes sense to list your most recent job roles and projects at the top of your document so you make a strong first impression. SAP recruiters are only really interested in your SAP experience, so if it’s not relevant, consider omitting it from your CV. Your most recent projects will be of most interest, so spend your time providing details of these roles. The further back your CV goes, the less information you can provide on specific tasks and challenges etc.

Quantify your achievements

Anybody can claim that they contributed to a company’s overall target, but only the most efficient candidates provide statistics and figures to back up their claims. Where possible, try to provide some context to your achievements: how quickly did you complete your project? How did this compare to previous projects under the same remit? Any specific numbers you provide will help a SAP recruiter better understand your achievements. The more specific you can be the better.

Have a unique selling point or marketing hook

What genuinely makes you different from other SAP candidates? Everyone has a particular strength that makes them valuable to a company, so make sure you make a point of mentioning yours. Anyone can list ‘soft skills’ as a strength, but highlighting a particular aspect of SAP that you’re really good at will ultimately be more relevant and impressive than a generic skills that everyone else has.

What do you do to make your CV stand out to SAP recruiters? What CV advice would you give to others looking to secure a SAP job? Fast track your careers with the best SAP recruitment agency.

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