We were very happy to receive a message from Recruiter Awards letting us know that we’ve been shortlisted in their employer brand award category. We were even more pleased to see that the other companies shortlisted were either big brand names or employer brand agencies!

This work started about a year ago and involved members of the HR team, the marketing team and took input from around the business. The project has had impacts across the company, in ways we didn’t expect when we started this work. We have not only overhauled our careers website and social media – we’ve changed the way we advertise our roles, how we talk about Whitehall, what we blog about, our approach to marketing and even the way we interview. It was also the start of our All Walks of Life campaign.

This work was done on the realisation that if Whitehall wants to maintain its double-digit growth, we will have to work harder than ever. We are hoping to fill our three-story headquarter building in Colchester and are also hiring for our new office in Frankfurt. We’re hoping the new employer brand and our new focused efforts will go a long way in helping us achieve our goals.

Get in touch if you’d like to know more about the project or take a look at our careers site.