Oracle and Microsoft announced an Oracle Cloud and Microsoft Azure interoperability partnership last year. This comes after Microsoft Azure was designated as a first-class host for Oracle workloads and the perfect platform to run the Oracle Cloud. Clients looking for serverless and more agile systems are recommended to move to the public cloud on Microsoft Azure for seamless migration.

The partnership’s biggest differentiation is application interoperability, as Oracle provides full certification for E-Business Suite when running on Azure. Customers can now run seamlessly one part of a workload within Azure and another part of the same workload within the Oracle Cloud, taking advantage of the best of both clouds and having access to a wide range of enterprise cloud solutions and Microsoft portfolios.

“Oracle and Microsoft have served enterprise customer needs for decades. With this partnership, our joint customers can migrate their entire set of existing applications to the cloud without having to re-architect anything, preserving the large investments they have already made.” – Don Johnson, executive vice president, of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

New capabilities of the Oracle-Azure partnership

  • Connect Azure and Oracle Cloud seamlessly, allowing customers to extend their on-premises data centres to both clouds.
  • Unified identity and access management across resources in Azure and Oracle Cloud.
  • Supported deployment of custom applications and packaged Oracle applications on Azure with Oracle databases deployed in Oracle Cloud.
  • A collaborative support model to help IT organisations deploy these new capabilities.
  • Oracle Database will continue to be certified to run in Azure on various operating systems, including Windows Server and Oracle Linux.

Nick Wallace, Director of Microsoft, confirmed recently at the Oracle Open World event in London that 95% of 500 Fortune companies already use Microsoft Azure. Industries range from manufacturing, automotive, airlines and public sectors, and include brands like Honeywell, BMW and Walmart. A lot of these companies are also Oracle customers and will be receiving Microsoft’s support when migrating their workloads to the Public Cloud.

“We do truly believe we are better together, and this solution, genuinely, we believe is one of the best enterprise public Cloud solutions and we are really excited to see the possibilities this will unlock for you, our customers, in the future” – said Mr Wallace.