Five IT Podcasts for learning in 2021

There is a podcast for everything these days and IT is no exception. Podcasts are a great way of staying up to date with current trends, news and discussion points in your field of expertise. They can also be a great introduction to new innovations and technologies that you are looking to learn more about. There are thousands of podcasts you can choose from but if you’re looking to expand your IT podcast horizons then these are a good place to start.

The Decoder with Nilay Patel

New to 2020, this show from the makers of the very successful Verge Podcast sees Nilay Patel talk to a diverse cast of innovators at the forefront of business and technology, about current trends and how businesses are solving current tech problems while continuing to tackle the challenges of tech development during the pandemic.

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The Cloudcast

As the name suggests the focus of this podcast is everything related to cloud computing and cloud programming. The series covers a wide range of areas with recent episodes discussing cloud solutions such as AzureStack, security information and event management (SIEM) technologies and SAP.

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Software Defined Talk

This podcast has a more fun delivery and is an easy listen but no less informative. The show covers many areas of enterprise IT with recent episodes discussing Kubernetes, cloud, DevOps. With over 275 episodes already available you are sure to find a subject matter of interest in their back catalogue.

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IT Visionaries

This podcast boasts exclusive interviews with trailblazing global IT leaders. Each episode sees a Fortune 100 tech leader shares their thoughts, experiences and goals. The speakers are genuinely key influencers in major global organisations and provide some real insights into how they are planning to utilise IT in their organisation.

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Network Disrupted

Another podcast that focuses on interviewing tech leaders on a number of IT topics such as digital transformation, innovation and AI and Automation. There are some really interesting guests on this relatively new podcast from former NASA software engineers, Vice Chancellors of Universities to CIOs of major organisation. The range of guest backgrounds makes this a very insightful listen.

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