Whitehall Resources, proud Official Training Wear Sponsor of Essex Cricket, today welcomed Essex County Cricket Club to their Colchester offices to make food package donations to The Colchester Food Bank.

Whitehall Resources are enjoying the first year of its new agreement with the Club.

Tremayne Hall, Managing Director, “In these challenging economic times, we are only too pleased to make a contribution to The Colchester Food Bank. I would like to thank all of the Whitehall Resources staff for getting behind the initiative, the team from Colchester Food Bank for working with us on this and for all the outstanding work they do in our local community, and the Essex Cricket players and officials for helping us on the day to ensure nothing was dropped!”

Ruth Howlett Partnerships & Hospitality Manager “It has been a pleasure to welcome Whitehall Resources to The Cloud County Ground this year for their first season with Essex Cricket. It’s always great to be able to visit our Club Partners on their home turf to learn more about their business. The Whitehall offices are creative, fun, modern spaces that motivate their employees and offer a great balance of focus and relaxation.

During these difficult economic times, it is wonderful that Whitehall can support the local community with substantial food package donations. Their kindness and charitable values are why we are proud to call them our partner.”

Kim Moore, Senior Community Organiser, Colchester Foodbank Charity, “ The cost of living crisis is having an impact on all of us. But for those already struggling to afford the essentials, the cost of living crisis means skipping meals just so you can feed your children. It means cutting back on toiletries like shampoo so you can afford the bus for job interviews. It means turning off the heating so you can afford internet access for your kids to do their homework. This is the true cost of the rising price of essentials for people on the lowest incomes. We are the busiest Foodbank in the East of England, having fed over 15000 people last year. 43% of our clients are children.  Demand is up significantly while donations are lower than they were last year. We are grateful for organisations like Whitehall Resources who encourage their staff to support us with donations, volunteering and getting involved with campaigning for positive change.”

About Whitehall Resources

Whitehall was founded with one goal – to be the biggest and best recruiter globally in their market of SAP, Oracle & specialist IT recruitment. Whitehall Resources are the Club’s Official Training Wear Sponsor & Platinum Partner. The Head office is located in Colchester, Essex.