We are delighted to share that Whitehall Resources has been awarded The People’s Platform Award for 2023. This award reflects our commitment to our team, our company culture, and the distinctive workplace environment that we’ve cultivated.

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Celebrating our Exceptional Team

The People’s Platform Award recognises organisations that prioritise their employees’ well-being and satisfaction. But it’s not merely a mark of recognition; it’s an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging culture. Among the 10,000+ companies evaluated, Whitehall Resources standing out as one of the victorious few is a source of immense pride.

To have won the People’s Platform Award, and highlighted as one of the top recruitment companies who truly pride ourselves for being at the forefront of workplace culture and employee innovation is a huge achievement. I’m really proud of Whitehall for winning this award.

Whitehall Resources is different to the vast majority of recruiters. Our growth is underpinned by teamwork, which then creates a healthy and thriving environment for all of our people. Every team member benefits from the knowledge, capacity, and contribution from others around them, which then creates undeniable teamwork and continues to feed into our great culture here at Whitehall.

I think it’s easy for companies to say they are a ‘family’, but here at Whitehall I do feel like every single person here knows that no matter how much we grow or no matter how many new people may join us along the way… every single one of them is just as important as each other. Whitehall is a happy, positive, and thriving environment full of likeminded people, so winning this award just further shows what a great place Whitehall is to work.

Tia Ward | HR Manager

What is the People’s Platform Award & How Were Whitehall Chosen?

The People’s Platform Award employs a meticulous evaluation process that scrutinises thousands of companies, spotlighting their present and future employee initiatives, results, and commitments. The assessment utilises an in-depth, anonymous survey system designed to remove bias and gauge the authentic sentiment of employees towards their workplace.

Over 60,000 employees’ inputs were analysed using closed-ended and open-ended responses to comprehend how employees genuinely view their company. A sentiment analysis was performed to consider the emotional impact of keywords used by employees in their responses, providing a complete picture of workplace sentiment.

This award attests to our dedication to fostering an environment where our people are not just considered, but prioritised, and their satisfaction is key. It encourages us to keep seeking innovative ways to make our workplace culture even more rewarding and engaging for our team.

Caring for Our Community | Team Whitehall at The Big Purple Games 2023
Caring for Our Community | Team Whitehall at The Big Purple Games 2023
Celebrating Success | Whitehall’s Annual Christmas Party and Awards, 2023

Looking Ahead

As we continue to pioneer the recruitment and executive search sector, our heartfelt thanks go to our devoted team members. Their commitment to our vision is the key to our success. Our gratitude also extends to our partners and clients who trust us with their recruitment needs and support our journey.

In the future, we vow to continue to uphold our people-focused culture, reinforcing our values and pushing the boundaries in the recruitment industry. Inspired by the People’s Platform Award, we’re committed to making Whitehall Resources a place where employees can truly blossom.

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