In an important move in the enterprise AI sector, the global software leader, SAP, has declared a substantial $1+ billion investment in three innovative AI startups. This forms part of their strategy to foster a more open AI ecosystem, signalling a deeper commitment to nurturing AI advancement.

Solidifying SAP’s AI Commitment

In a recent announcement, SAP underscored its dedication to delivering reliable, responsible, and relevant Business AI by strategically investing in three innovative generative AI companies: Aleph Alpha GmbH, Anthropic PBC, and Cohere. This step strengthens SAP’s ambition to leverage top-of-the-range technology and incorporate AI across its extensive SAP® portfolio.

The move enhances a series of AI partnerships and use cases brought to light during this year’s SAP Sapphire. Moreover, it bolsters a massive $1+ billion investment in AI-driven enterprise technology startups, announced by Sapphire Ventures LLC, an enterprise supported by SAP.

A Word from SAP’s Chief Strategy Officer

On this development, SAP’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sebastian Steinhaeuser, remarked:

Sebastian Steinhaeuser
Sebastian Steinhaeuser, Chief Strategy Officer at SAP

“We are at a pivotal moment, with generative AI ready to dramatically alter how businesses function. SAP remains committed to shaping a futuristic enterprise AI ecosystem that aligns with our unmatched suite of business applications, thereby unleashing our customers’ full potential.”

SAP’s Innovative AI Approach

SAP’s approach to AI broadens its value proposition beyond being a mere product to an integral part of an enterprise’s crucial business operations. SAP’s Business AI enjoys a robust user base, with over 26,000 cloud solution customers, thanks to its seamless integration into their operations since day one.

SAP Business AI’s dependability and responsibility are evidenced by its commitment to supreme security, privacy, and compliance standards, fortified by the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Boosting SAP’s AI Strategy

The fresh investment solidifies SAP’s AI strategy, which includes direct investments and a significant escalation in research and development for additional AI use cases and collaborations with third parties. This strategy allows SAP to broaden its commitment to responsibly constructed generative AI designed to enable efficient business operations.

Investing in AI Innovators

The AI frontrunners – Aleph Alpha, Anthropic, and Cohere – have delivered unique generative AI solutions with the potential to revolutionise entire industries.

Aleph Alpha GmbH offers a comprehensive, generative AI solution tailored for intricate enterprise use cases. Known for pioneering multimodal, next-gen language models, it provides AI as a service, with a strong focus on interoperability, data privacy and security, and flexible installation options. Aleph Alpha is a recognised partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program.

San Francisco’s Anthropic PBC is an AI safety and research company that builds beneficial, trustworthy, and safe AI systems. Their AI assistant, Claude, adheres to a set of principles prioritising reliability and safety. Claude assists with various tasks such as answer generation, coding, workflow automation, and text processing, all within natural conversations. Anthropic’s goal is to create technologies like Claude that positively impact society.

Cohere, a leading AI company based in San Francisco, Toronto, and London, offers user-friendly technology focusing on business needs, security, and data privacy. It provides an intuitive method for generating, searching, and summarising information. Cohere’s platform is flexible, offering cloud-provider choice, API accessibility, and various deployment options to accommodate where a company’s data is located.”

Sapphire Ventures’ Role

Backed by SAP, Sapphire Ventures LLC plays an indispensable role in funding the future of AI enterprise technology. With a commitment exceeding $1 billion, it aspires to invest in the next generation of AI-integrated enterprise technology startups. The collaboration with forward-thinking teams and venture funds, such as Sapphire Ventures, ensures SAP customers get early access to innovations emerging from the startup ecosystem.

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