Whitehall Resources is delighted to announce its latest strategic move – the opening of a new office in the heart of Great Neck, New York. This significant expansion bolsters our global footprint and allows us to offer unparalleled recruitment services within the United States.

Since launching in 2007, Whitehall Resources has evolved into a powerhouse in the SAP, IT & Data recruitment sectors. Our dedicated, robust teams operate across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, their exceptional performance propelling us onto the Recruiter Fast 50 2023.

On this development, Whitehall’s Managing Director, Tremayne Hall, said:

“The expansion of Whitehall Resources into the US market represents a significant milestone in our journey. Over the last 16 years our track record of success has been built on forging strong connections between exceptional talent and world-class businesses. We are delighted to bring this commitment to our valued clients in the United States. This strategic move not only enables us to enhance service to our existing partners but also broadens our horizons to seize new opportunities. Armed with our specialist expertise in SAP, IT & Data recruitment, we are uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact in the US market.”

We are proud to introduce our dynamic U.S. team, each member bringing a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to their respective roles:

  • Chris Morris | Manager | USA | Permanent SAP & Data
  • Max Taylor | Executive Consultant | USA | Permanent SAP
  • George Westhorp | Consultant | USA | SAP
  • Callum Harrison | Resourcer | USA | SAP
  • James Thurkentine | Resourcer | USA | SAP

Meet our USA Specialist SAP Recruitment Team.

Following our successful launches in Frankfurt and Dubai, this US expansion reaffirms our pledge to continual international growth and delivery of exceptional recruitment services worldwide.

For inquiries about our executive search services or operations in the United States, please contact us at +1 412 947 7271 or email recruitment@whitehallresources.com.

About Whitehall Resources

Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with the world’s most renowned and respected brands.