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Whitehall are a great recruitment company to secure work through. Their consultants have always matched me with the right positions using their specialist knowledge of the SAP market. When interviewing for positions with their clients, I’ve always felt well prepared and the clients have been fully engaged in the recruitment process. I’ve never experienced a late payment and communication is always first class.

I have known Jo Sharp for around two years now whilst working via Whitehall at one of their major clients. Jo is fantastic at maintaining relationships, resolving issues, and managing ongoing work engagements. I’ve always felt that Jo is prepared to go the extra mile to help. Jo’s knowledge of the client’s requirements and the SAP industry is a great help when discussing opportunities and positioning my skillset correctly.

Andrew McVann, SAP Training Lead
 recruitment for Wipro
 recruitment for KCA Duetag
 recruitment for Rethink
 recruitment for Cochlear
 recruitment for HMRC
 recruitment for Infosys
 recruitment for Deloitte
 recruitment for Abcam