Contracting VS Permanent : The Pros & Cons of Permanent Employment

Contracting VS Permanent, pros and cons of permanent contracts as an SAP, Oracle or IT consultant

Contracting vs Permanent: The Pros & Cons of Contracting

Contracting or Permanent, SAP Professionals fundamentally have two permanent employment or contracting. Whichever you way you operate or want to…

Contracting Outside of the UK Under Your Own Limited Company

Contracting Outside of the UK, Whilst trading under a UK Limited Company when abroad is possible, it will not necessarily be the best way of contracting.

SAP International Market Overview

SAP International Business Manager, shares his experience of the current market. What areas are excelling, what technology is hot, and what market

SAP UK Permanent Market Overview

Given the changes we have seen in the SAP UK permanent recruitment market over the past 6 month I wanted to share with you our experience of the market…

UK Visa: Working Permanent Roles in the UK

UK Visa permanent Many SAP & Oracle consultants looking to move to the UK for Permanent roles are unsure about getting a UK visa and need clarification

UK Visa: Working Contracts in the UK

UK Visa Contract In almost all cases, if you are neither a UK Citizen nor a member of the European Union, you will require a UK visa to lawfully work in the UK

US SAP Permanent Jobs: Getting a Visa

US SAP permanent jobs, Working as an SAP Consultant: Around The World,’ How to get a Visa when applying for SAP Permanent roles in the US…

SAP US Contracts: Visas

SAP US Contracts: Visas, Working as an SAP Consultant: Around The World,’ How to get a Visa when applying for SAP Contracts in the US…

SAP Recruiter: 5 questions to ask

There are a lot of advantages of using a SAP Recruiter. Make sure you ask the recruiter the following 5 questions to determine to determine if they are the right agency to represent you.

SAP Certification: Associate Level vs. Professional Level

Discussing the differences between Associate Level and Professional Level SAP Certification. What does each contain and why would you choose to obtain them?

SAP UK Contract Recruitment: How Does the Market Look?

We interviewed Jonathan Atkinson who leads the SAP UK Contract Recruitment Team to find out how the current UK contract market is currently looking

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