SAP’s reach in the world of fashion

The capability and adaptability of SAP systems mean their benefits can reach a wide spectrum of industries and the fashion world is no exception. Missguided, American Eagle Outfitters and Svarowski are some of the brands that implemented SAP applications.

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Five sports gaining a competitive edge with SAP

High performance sport competitors invest a lot of time and effort in their training and game strategy to become winners. SAP has taken advantage of this niche market and has built software that helps coaches and athletes to plan better strategies, making sports even more competitive.

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Working as an SAP consultant in Dubai

Dubai is a very exciting place to live and work. It is safe, it is fun, and it has 0% income tax. Learn more about what it is like to work in Dubai as an SAP consultant...

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Working as an SAP consultant in Norway

Norway is a preferred location for SAP Consultants due to its relaxed lifestyle, stunning views and the potential for outdoor activities and winter sports, but also, due to the great working culture and the employers’ good reputation of being supportive and flexible with its employees.

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Working as an SAP consultant in Denmark

Denmark, officially called Kingdom of Denmark, is ranked the “happiest country in the world” due to its quality of life, welfare model, small social inequalities and its culture.

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Working as an SAP consultant in Spain

With its impressive architecture, lively environment, amazingly friendly people, relaxed lifestyle and neighbourhood feeling, Spain is a very attractive place to live and work.

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