Whitehall Resources Announces Strategic Leadership Realignment

In a strategic move designed to further bolster its position as a leading global recruitment agency, Whitehall Resources is pleased to announce pivotal leadership transitions aimed at advancing our global footprint and enhancing our service offerings in the SAP and IT sectors.

Ricky Knight | Managing Director | Whitehall Resources
Ricky Knight | Managing Director | Whitehall Resources

Ricky Knight: Strategic Evolution from Consultant to Managing Director

Having joined Whitehall Resources in April 2009, Ricky Knight has consistently demonstrated unparalleled commitment, coupled with astute business acumen. Ricky has played a significant role in the company’s transformation from a specialist team of 8 with a £9.3m turnover to its current robust structure, projecting a turnover exceeding £93m. His leadership trajectory within the organisation bears testimony to his adaptability, foresight, and strategic approach.

Commenting on his new role, Ricky Knight mentioned, “Over the past years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing and contributing to the transformative journey of Whitehall Resources. As we look towards the future, my vision is to further solidify our position in our core markets while also venturing into newer arenas of opportunity.”

Neil Mansfield | Sales Director | Whitehall Resources
Neil Mansfield | Sales Director | Whitehall Resources

Neil Mansfield: International Excellence and Leadership

Neil Mansfield, with his rich recruitment experience, has been an integral part of the Whitehall family for close to a decade. His diversified experience, ranging from leading the International team to collaborating with the Client Services Management team, showcases his versatility and commitment to the company’s global aspirations.

Reflecting on his journey, Neil Mansfield stated, “Whitehall Resources has been a beacon of growth and opportunity. The path forward is paved with myriad opportunities, and I am eager to steer our team towards global dominance in our chosen markets.”

Tremayne Hall | CEO | Whitehall Resources
Tremayne Hall | CEO | Whitehall Resources

Tremayne Hall: Visionary Founder Embarks on CEO Role

Tremayne Hall, the visionary behind Whitehall Resources, has consistently epitomised leadership excellence for nearly 23 years in the SAP market. As he takes the helm as CEO, his focus will be on reinforcing Whitehall’s core values while innovatively driving growth, risk management, and long-term sustainability.

Tremayne Hall articulated, “As we transition into this new leadership structure, our primary goal remains unaltered: to offer unparalleled service in the SAP and IT recruitment sectors, fortified by our unmatched industry experience and expertise.”

On the topic of Whitehall’s U.S. expansion, CEO Tremayne Hall remarked, “The launch in Great Neck, New York, is a testament to our commitment to global growth and delivering exceptional recruitment services. As we broaden our horizons, the U.S. market offers exciting prospects, and with our track record and expertise in SAP, IT & Data recruitment, we are poised to make a significant mark.”

The leadership transitions, coupled with the U.S. launch, reflect Whitehall Resources’ forward-looking approach, a commitment to excellence, and the vision for sustained global leadership in the SAP and IT recruitment sectors.

About Whitehall Resources

Established in 2007, Whitehall Resources has emerged as a global leader in SAP and IT recruitment. With a presence across the UK, Germany, and the USA, we are committed to delivering excellence to our esteemed clientele and candidates. Our legacy of growth, underscored by strategic leadership and global outreach, positions us as a partner of choice in the dynamic world of recruitment.

Whitehall Resources Selected for The People’s Platform Award for Outstanding Company Culture

We are delighted to share that Whitehall Resources has been awarded The People’s Platform Award for 2023. This award reflects our commitment to our team, our company culture, and the distinctive workplace environment that we’ve cultivated.

People's Platform Award - Banner

Celebrating our Exceptional Team

The People’s Platform Award recognises organisations that prioritise their employees’ well-being and satisfaction. But it’s not merely a mark of recognition; it’s an affirmation of our ongoing commitment to fostering an inclusive and engaging culture. Among the 10,000+ companies evaluated, Whitehall Resources standing out as one of the victorious few is a source of immense pride.

To have won the People’s Platform Award, and highlighted as one of the top recruitment companies who truly pride ourselves for being at the forefront of workplace culture and employee innovation is a huge achievement. I’m really proud of Whitehall for winning this award.

Whitehall Resources is different to the vast majority of recruiters. Our growth is underpinned by teamwork, which then creates a healthy and thriving environment for all of our people. Every team member benefits from the knowledge, capacity, and contribution from others around them, which then creates undeniable teamwork and continues to feed into our great culture here at Whitehall.

I think it’s easy for companies to say they are a ‘family’, but here at Whitehall I do feel like every single person here knows that no matter how much we grow or no matter how many new people may join us along the way… every single one of them is just as important as each other. Whitehall is a happy, positive, and thriving environment full of likeminded people, so winning this award just further shows what a great place Whitehall is to work.

Tia Ward | HR Manager

What is the People’s Platform Award & How Were Whitehall Chosen?

The People’s Platform Award employs a meticulous evaluation process that scrutinises thousands of companies, spotlighting their present and future employee initiatives, results, and commitments. The assessment utilises an in-depth, anonymous survey system designed to remove bias and gauge the authentic sentiment of employees towards their workplace.

Over 60,000 employees’ inputs were analysed using closed-ended and open-ended responses to comprehend how employees genuinely view their company. A sentiment analysis was performed to consider the emotional impact of keywords used by employees in their responses, providing a complete picture of workplace sentiment.

This award attests to our dedication to fostering an environment where our people are not just considered, but prioritised, and their satisfaction is key. It encourages us to keep seeking innovative ways to make our workplace culture even more rewarding and engaging for our team.

Caring for Our Community | Team Whitehall at The Big Purple Games 2023
Caring for Our Community | Team Whitehall at The Big Purple Games 2023
Celebrating Success | Whitehall’s Annual Christmas Party and Awards, 2023

Looking Ahead

As we continue to pioneer the recruitment and executive search sector, our heartfelt thanks go to our devoted team members. Their commitment to our vision is the key to our success. Our gratitude also extends to our partners and clients who trust us with their recruitment needs and support our journey.

In the future, we vow to continue to uphold our people-focused culture, reinforcing our values and pushing the boundaries in the recruitment industry. Inspired by the People’s Platform Award, we’re committed to making Whitehall Resources a place where employees can truly blossom.

About the author

Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with some of the world’s most renowned and respected brands.

A Sustainable Vision for Our Future: Carbon Neutrality

GGE Badge- Carbon Neutral PAS 2060 - 2023 transparent

Whitehall Resources, a leader in SAP recruitment, prides itself on the unwavering pursuit of excellence and a results-oriented approach. Today, we are delighted to shed light on another cornerstone of our commitment – a steadfast dedication to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Whitehall Resources proudly meets the criteria of a Carbon Neutral organisation per the PAS 2060 standard. This internationally recognised carbon neutrality standard is the brainchild of the British Standards Institute (BSI).

For the first time, we have calculated our organisation’s carbon footprint (CO2e)  from 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022. This initial measurement serves as our baseline carbon footprint, against which we will measure our future reductions.

Our adherence to the PAS 2060 standard encompasses Scope 1 & 2 and select Scope 3 emissions. The criteria align with the operational control principle defined in the 2014 WRI GHG Protocol – Corporate Accounting Standard.

Understanding our baseline footprint forms the backbone of our carbon reduction plan, designed to minimise our footprint progressively and consistently.

We pledge to diminish our footprint in the forthcoming 12-month period, with an unwavering commitment to annually re-measure our carbon footprint and continually reduce it.

As we stand at the threshold of our carbon measurement journey, we have counterbalanced 100% of our first-year baseline carbon footprint through a reputable carbon offset scheme, per guidance from the PAS 2060 Standard. Although our prime focus will be on carbon footprint reduction in the coming years, we will continue to offset any remaining emissions. We acknowledge that our carbon reduction endeavours hold more environmental significance and pose lower associated risks compared to offsetting.

Our carbon reduction plan is a multifaceted one, integrating both immediate and long-term strategies. We are actively encouraging eco-friendly commuting among our employees and envisage transitioning our company fleet to electric vehicles by 2030. We are also fostering a climate-conscious culture within our workforce and supplier network. To drive our sustainability agenda, we have designated ‘green champions’ among our staff and are working with suppliers to establish carbon reduction goals.

In accordance with the PAS 2060 standard, we have developed a Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES), which is available on our website: Whitehall Resources – Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES).

We believe in full transparency when making environmental claims. Hence the quality of data used to calculate our carbon footprint, along with our carbon reduction plan and commitment, is encompassed within the QES.

In our endeavour to offset our 2022 carbon emissions, Whitehall has purchased 187 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) from the World Land Trust’s (WTA) reputable Carbon Balanced Project, to offset the equivalent of 186.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). By participating in the WTA Carbon Balanced programme, we are contributing to a biodiversity conservation and restoration project in Guatemala – a country which loses an average of 180,000 acres of forest each year due to various reasons like slash-and-burn agriculture, cattle ranching, and monoculture plantations.

By investing in the REDD+ project ‘Caribbean Guatemala: The Conservation Coast’, managed by WLT partner FUNDAECO, we are contributing to the preservation of over 300,000 acres of tropical forests and wetlands that extend across Guatemala’s entire Caribbean coastline. Not only do these ecosystems serve as carbon sinks, but they also provide essential services like clean drinking water, timber, and natural disaster risk reduction.

As a supporter, Whitehall is safeguarding the habitat of 30 species of high conservation value and 500 bird species. The project focuses on improving healthcare and education access for women and girls, particularly among Indigenous groups, developing sustainable agroforestry systems and livelihoods, and encouraging ecotourism that will employ local community members.

The Conservation Coast project has earned certification from the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) and is also REDD+.

Understanding the PAS 2060 Certification

Introduced in 2010 and revised in 2014, the PAS 2060 standard, issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI), is a universally accepted specification for carbon neutrality.

To secure PAS 2060 certification, an organisation must fulfil four requirements:

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: Accurate determination of the organisation’s carbon footprint to gauge its environmental impact.
  • Publication of a Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES): This encompasses a pledge to attain carbon neutrality, a timeline to realise this goal, a detailed carbon reduction plan, and a commitment to continuous emissions reduction.
  • Investment in High-Quality Carbon Offsets: To balance the carbon footprint for a specified period, organisations must invest in trusted carbon offset initiatives.
  • Annual Carbon Footprint Reduction: Demonstrable annual reduction in the organisation’s carbon footprint, reinforcing its enduring commitment to sustainability.

Go Green Experts Ltd has calculated Whitehall’s carbon footprint and is the 3rd Party assessor in the production of Whitehall’s PAS 2060 QES.

About the author

Whitehall Resources is a leading SAP recruitment agency with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. They meet the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality and actively work towards reducing their carbon footprint while investing in biodiversity conservation and restoration projects.

Neil Mansfield & Adam Edgell Appointed Associate Directors at Whitehall Resources

Whitehall Resources announce the appointment of Neil Mansfield and Adam Edgell as Associate Directors. Both have shown tremendous dedication and drive during their time with the company, contributing significantly to our success and growth.

Neil Mansfield has an extensive recruitment background of 15 years prior to joining Whitehall. Neil was initially brought on board to manage and expand our International business. He leveraged the power of the UK’s best SAP supplier brand across EMEA, resulting in a staggering 390% peak growth of the International contractor book. Following an internal restructuring, Neil transitioned into the Customer Service Management role, where he continued to excel, achieving a peak growth of over 200% in our CSM contract book. Both teams under his leadership have won numerous awards and accolades during his tenure.

“This journey has been incredibly rewarding, especially witnessing the success of others in the team. My focus remains steadfast on growth, expertise, and the continuous strive for excellence. I wish I had joined this wonderful company earlier!”

Neil Mansfield | Associate Director

Neil Mansfield
Neil Mansfield | Associate Director
Adam Edgell | Associate Director

Adam Edgell’s exceptional service extends over 13 years. Adam started his journey as an entry-level consultant to the Key Accounts team and has seen multiple promotions over the years. As the leader of the team, he has steered the group towards continuous growth and forward momentum, delivering a best-in-class contracts delivery model across a range of technology skills/roles in the UK, Europe and MENA.

“I am excited about the future, I look forward to facilitating the ongoing growth of Whitehall and my team, supporting them in their development paths, and helping them achieve their individual goals and aspirations.”

Adam Edgell | Associate Director

Both Neil and Adam will join founder and Managing Director Tremayne Hall, Finance Director Mathew Sturman, and Sales Director Ricky Knight on the Whitehall Resources senior leadership team. Their proven expertise and leadership will undoubtedly be instrumental in steering our continued growth and international expansion.

“We welcome both Neil and Adam to the senior leadership group,” says Tremayne Hall, “Their extensive experience, leadership skills and commitment to excellence are invaluable as we continue to grow our company and expand our capabilities.”

Congratulations to both Neil and Adam on their well-deserved promotions. We look forward to their continued contributions to Whitehall Resources’ success.

Whitehall Resources is a leading global SAP recruitment company specialising in providing high-quality SAP talent to businesses across the world. Founded in 2008, the company has built an impressive network of SAP talent through direct relationships and personal referrals, establishing itself as a trusted resource partner in the IT recruitment sector​.

Charity donation for our Christmas game winner!

At the end of last year, we launched a Christmas game to spread a little end-of-year fun for our hard-working clients and candidates. We offered a charity donation to the highest score. We’re very happy to say that we’ve been in touch with the winner and have made a £250 donation to his chosen charity. Mark Howell chose the very worthy Motor Neurone Disease Association.

I would be very pleased to see your generous donation go to the MND Association, the charity responsible for research into Motor Neurone Disease. This is a terribly cruel disease and there have been some high profile cases recently, but there is no cure and the treatment remains very ineffective. This money would help fund vital research so medicine that can cure, reverse or improve the lives of sufferers can be discovered.

You can find out more about the MND Association on their website or by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube.


Whitehall ranks in ‘Best Small Companies to Work for 2020’

We’re very pleased to announce that we have been placed in the ‘Best Small Companies to Work for’ by the Sunday Times for the fourth consecutive year. This follows our recent award of  3 stars ‘Extraordinary’ for workplace engagement in the Best Companies employee survey.

The report highlights areas of Whitehall life that our employees value, including personal growth, well-being and giving something back.

“Their success is due to their employees’ hard work and dedication and their unshakeable belief in their values. It’s a fun, vibrant and dynamic workplace with something always taking place, be it a competitive incentive, fundraising events or just having fun and team building.” – Best Companies.

We are extremely proud of this result and have maintained a high level of employee engagement. We fully recognise that Whitehall will only achieve its ambitious goals through a rewarding and enjoyable workplace.

Official meeting with Will Quince ahead of IR35 reforms

Will Quince, MP for Colchester and Parliamentary Under-Secretary for the Department for Work and Pensions visited our offices last week to discuss the impending IR35 reforms and the implications for UK contractors, agencies and businesses alike.

The IR35 law is part of the Finance Act and was first introduced in April 2000 with the purpose of stopping “disguised employees” from avoiding paying tax and National Insurance. A reform that shifts the liability to the clients in the private sector is planned to come into place in April this year causing concerns for medium and large businesses across the UK. These organisations will be responsible for determining whether a contractor is inside or outside IR35 and therefore also liable for any penalties for an incorrect determination.

“Challenging peoples’ very livelihoods, stifling entrepreneurship and innovation, disincentivising the use of UK experts and encouraging the offshoring of roles that could be performed by UK talent cannot be the objectives of this reform. We’re advocating for a delay on April 6th 2020, so that the time required to arrive at reforms which will achieve the required objectives can be implemented based upon confidence, accuracy and fairness.” – Ricky Knight, Sales Director, Whitehall Resources

Mr Quince has listened to our concerns and will be raising them with Chancellor Of The Exchequer Rishi Sunak and Chief Secretary of the Treasury Stephen Barclay, ahead of the reforms.

Whitehall listed as a Top 100 business in Essex

We’re very pleased to announce we have placed in the annual ‘Essex Limited’ list, a report of the biggest and best-performing businesses based in the county.

The study reviews turnover and profit of small, medium and large enterprises across all industries. Whitehall is the highest-ranking recruitment company on the list.

“Our third consecutive place in Essex’s Top 100 is a confirmation that Whitehall continues to be an industry-leading business. We are the SAP, Oracle and IT recruitment partner of choice in the UK and we continue to expand and reinforce our presence in international markets through our offices in Germany and Dubai. We are looking forward to further growth and expansion in 2020.” – Tremayne Hall, Managing Director, Whitehall Resources

The report is compiled and published by Grant Thornton and Birketts and is the very welcome result of our outstanding client and candidate services.

“Double digit growth in turnover and profit continue to highlight the resilience, diversity and entrepreneurial spirit of Essex Limited’s constituent companies.” – Essex Limited 2019

Wellbeing workshops for a healthier life

As part of our wellbeing program, we invited Certified International Health Coach Michelle Flynn to deliver a series of workshops to all our teams last Friday.

There were three workshops throughout the day, where we learned about the six principles of a healthy and happy life, 10 ways to build resilience with actionable habits and how to cope with the stress of daily-life through building healthy habits and focusing on self-care, as well as breathing and calming techniques.

We’d like to thank Coach Michelle Flynn for the excellent delivery, and we are looking forward to turning knowledge into action!

Whitehall’s highlights 2019

This has been another great year for Whitehall Resources with many company, team and personal records broken. We’re bigger and better than ever and that is only set to improve in 2020.

Take a look at a few highlights of the year…

We placed in top UK and international rankings

  • Recruiter Fast50 – the UK’s fastest growing recruitment agencies
  • 55th in The Sunday Times International Track 200 – the top UK companies with the fastest-growing international sales
  • 24th in The Sunday Times Best 100 Small Companies to Work For – following a nationwide anonymous survey of employees
  • Shortlisted for International Recruitment Company of the Year
  • Top 25 UK SME Culture Leader 2019

Whitehall UAE

After successfully setting up our Frankfurt office, we were very pleased to open our second international office in Dubai.

We loved meeting with candidates and clients

We attended a number of SAP, Oracle and IT events, visited lots of clients worldwide and enjoyed meeting with contractors at our annual Whitehall get-together in London.

Our charity events

As well as setting up a charity committee we ran the following fundraising events, raising more than we have in any previous year.

Dogs at Work for National Animal Welfare Trust
Midnight Walk for St Helena
Halloween event for Mind (Colchester)
Collection for Foodbank Colchester

Our sponsored teams

We continue to be proud sponsors of the Colchester Rugby Football Club, and expanded our community work through new sponsorship opportunities supporting the Essex Rebels Basketball Teams and St Joseph’s College in Ipswich.

Whitehall events

We had lots of fun with our colleagues at our Summer and Christmas parties,  Lunch Clubs, team events and more!

We certainly had a very busy year and we are  really looking forward to the next one.

Happy New Year!