Whitehall’s Partnership with Colchester Rugby Club Continues into 2023/24

Partnership with Whitehall

We’re thrilled to extend our partnership with Colchester Rugby Club for the 2023/24 season. United by a commitment to excellence, teamwork, and growth, our collaboration goes beyond sponsorship—it’s a vision that unites us on the field and in the business world.

Upcoming Season Highlights

Colchester’s 2023/24 season is brimming with excitement:

  • Opening Match: Opening Match: The season kicks off with a thrilling rematch against Hertford on September 2nd at Raven Park’s pristine Artificial Grass Pitch (AGP). Both sides took a victory from each other last season, with Colchester winning at home and losing away at Hertford. Given this mixed record, Colchester will be keen to get the win in this highly anticipated opener.
  • Key Rivalries: Get ready for a gripping rematch with Shelford on September 9th, and brace yourselves for a fierce battle when local rivals Sudbury come to Raven Park on September 16th.
  • Newly Relegated Clashes: Watch out for intense clashes against newly-relegated Essex clubs, Rochford Hundred and Westcliff. These matches are sure to keep fans on the edge of their seats!
Raven Park | Home of Colchester Rugby Club
Raven Park | Home of Colchester Rugby Club

Chairman’s Words

“The 2023/24 season will be a tough yet promising one,” says Karl O’Brien, Colchester Rugby Club Chairman. “With Rochford and Westcliff joining our league, we’ve bolstered our squad with nearly 10 new players. Our goal is promotion, and with the talent, coaching staff, and facilities we have, I believe we can achieve it.”

Karl O'Brien Colchester Rugby Club - Whitehall

Colchester Rugby Clubs 2023/2024 Fixtures

Regional 1 South East

  • September
    • 2nd: Hertford (h)
    • 9th: Shelford (a)
    • 16th: Sudbury (h)
    • 23rd: Letchworth Garden City (a)
    • 30th: Old Northamptonians (h)
  • October
    • 14th: Westcliff (a)
    • 21st: Bedford Athletic (h)
  • November
    • 4th: Harpenden (a)
    • 11th: Rochford Hundred (h)
    • 18th: Oundle (h)
  • December
    • 2nd: Tring (a)
    • 9th: Shelford (h)
    • 16th: Sudbury (a)
  • January
    • 6th: Letchworth Garden City (h)
    • 13th: Old Northamptonians (a)
    • 27th: Westcliff (h)
  • February
    • 3rd: Bedford Athletic (a)
    • 17th: Harpenden (h)
  • March
    • 2nd: Rochford Hundred (a)
    • 16th: Oundle (a)
    • 23rd: Tring (h)
  • April
    • 6th: Hertford (a)
CRFC Fixtures 2023-2024 - Whitehall Resources

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Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with some of the world’s most renowned and respected brands.

Whitehall Resources Strengthens Global Presence with New York Office

Whitehall Resources is delighted to announce its latest strategic move – the opening of a new office in the heart of Great Neck, New York. This significant expansion bolsters our global footprint and allows us to offer unparalleled recruitment services within the United States.

Since launching in 2007, Whitehall Resources has evolved into a powerhouse in the SAP, IT & Data recruitment sectors. Our dedicated, robust teams operate across the UK, Europe and the Middle East, their exceptional performance propelling us onto the Recruiter Fast 50 2023.

On this development, Whitehall’s Managing Director, Tremayne Hall, said:

“The expansion of Whitehall Resources into the US market represents a significant milestone in our journey. Over the last 16 years our track record of success has been built on forging strong connections between exceptional talent and world-class businesses. We are delighted to bring this commitment to our valued clients in the United States. This strategic move not only enables us to enhance service to our existing partners but also broadens our horizons to seize new opportunities. Armed with our specialist expertise in SAP, IT & Data recruitment, we are uniquely positioned to make a substantial impact in the US market.”

We are proud to introduce our dynamic U.S. team, each member bringing a wealth of expertise and industry knowledge to their respective roles:

  • Chris Morris | Manager | USA | Permanent SAP & Data
  • Max Taylor | Executive Consultant | USA | Permanent SAP
  • George Westhorp | Consultant | USA | SAP
  • Callum Harrison | Resourcer | USA | SAP
  • James Thurkentine | Resourcer | USA | SAP

Meet our USA Specialist SAP Recruitment Team.

Following our successful launches in Frankfurt and Dubai, this US expansion reaffirms our pledge to continual international growth and delivery of exceptional recruitment services worldwide.

For inquiries about our executive search services or operations in the United States, please contact us at +1 412 947 7271 or email recruitment@whitehallresources.com.

About Whitehall Resources

Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with the world’s most renowned and respected brands.

SAP Unveils $1+ Billion Investment in Trio of AI Startups

In an important move in the enterprise AI sector, the global software leader, SAP, has declared a substantial $1+ billion investment in three innovative AI startups. This forms part of their strategy to foster a more open AI ecosystem, signalling a deeper commitment to nurturing AI advancement.

Solidifying SAP’s AI Commitment

In a recent announcement, SAP underscored its dedication to delivering reliable, responsible, and relevant Business AI by strategically investing in three innovative generative AI companies: Aleph Alpha GmbH, Anthropic PBC, and Cohere. This step strengthens SAP’s ambition to leverage top-of-the-range technology and incorporate AI across its extensive SAP® portfolio.

The move enhances a series of AI partnerships and use cases brought to light during this year’s SAP Sapphire. Moreover, it bolsters a massive $1+ billion investment in AI-driven enterprise technology startups, announced by Sapphire Ventures LLC, an enterprise supported by SAP.

A Word from SAP’s Chief Strategy Officer

On this development, SAP’s Chief Strategy Officer, Sebastian Steinhaeuser, remarked:

Sebastian Steinhaeuser
Sebastian Steinhaeuser, Chief Strategy Officer at SAP

“We are at a pivotal moment, with generative AI ready to dramatically alter how businesses function. SAP remains committed to shaping a futuristic enterprise AI ecosystem that aligns with our unmatched suite of business applications, thereby unleashing our customers’ full potential.”

SAP’s Innovative AI Approach

SAP’s approach to AI broadens its value proposition beyond being a mere product to an integral part of an enterprise’s crucial business operations. SAP’s Business AI enjoys a robust user base, with over 26,000 cloud solution customers, thanks to its seamless integration into their operations since day one.

SAP Business AI’s dependability and responsibility are evidenced by its commitment to supreme security, privacy, and compliance standards, fortified by the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Boosting SAP’s AI Strategy

The fresh investment solidifies SAP’s AI strategy, which includes direct investments and a significant escalation in research and development for additional AI use cases and collaborations with third parties. This strategy allows SAP to broaden its commitment to responsibly constructed generative AI designed to enable efficient business operations.

Investing in AI Innovators

The AI frontrunners – Aleph Alpha, Anthropic, and Cohere – have delivered unique generative AI solutions with the potential to revolutionise entire industries.

Aleph Alpha GmbH offers a comprehensive, generative AI solution tailored for intricate enterprise use cases. Known for pioneering multimodal, next-gen language models, it provides AI as a service, with a strong focus on interoperability, data privacy and security, and flexible installation options. Aleph Alpha is a recognised partner in the SAP PartnerEdge® program.

San Francisco’s Anthropic PBC is an AI safety and research company that builds beneficial, trustworthy, and safe AI systems. Their AI assistant, Claude, adheres to a set of principles prioritising reliability and safety. Claude assists with various tasks such as answer generation, coding, workflow automation, and text processing, all within natural conversations. Anthropic’s goal is to create technologies like Claude that positively impact society.

Cohere, a leading AI company based in San Francisco, Toronto, and London, offers user-friendly technology focusing on business needs, security, and data privacy. It provides an intuitive method for generating, searching, and summarising information. Cohere’s platform is flexible, offering cloud-provider choice, API accessibility, and various deployment options to accommodate where a company’s data is located.”

Sapphire Ventures’ Role

Backed by SAP, Sapphire Ventures LLC plays an indispensable role in funding the future of AI enterprise technology. With a commitment exceeding $1 billion, it aspires to invest in the next generation of AI-integrated enterprise technology startups. The collaboration with forward-thinking teams and venture funds, such as Sapphire Ventures, ensures SAP customers get early access to innovations emerging from the startup ecosystem.

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Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with some of the world’s most renowned and respected brands.

Whitehall Resources Stands Tall in Recruiter Fast 50

Whitehall Resources has shone through with exceptional resilience and growth in an economic landscape characterised by rising interest rates and escalating inflation. This specialist technology recruitment company proudly holds the 21st position in the esteemed ‘Recruiter Fast 50’ ranking for 2023.

The Recruiter Fast 50

The Recruiter Fast 50, prepared by Clearwater International, identifies the fastest-growing, privately-owned recruitment companies in the UK. This ranking is based on a revenue compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the three most recent annual reporting periods.

This year, the Fast 50 companies averaged an impressive CAGR of 31%, the highest since 2020 and a significant increase from last year’s 26%. Despite the challenging economic conditions, Whitehall Resources showcased its strength with a CAGR of 27.3%.

Navigating the Economic Landscape

This achievement is significant, considering the hurdles faced by UK and global businesses in the recent market. Whitehall’s growth rate is a testimony to its relentless commitment to excellence in the technology recruitment sector, a domain grappling with a structural skills shortage amidst a high volume of vacancies.

A Testament to Dedication

Whitehall Resources’ accomplishment is a reflection of its ability to navigate a complex and ever-changing economic landscape effectively. The robust infrastructure and the agile and dynamic team at the company have proven key to maintaining resilience in the face of economic challenges.

Upon receiving this recognition, the team at Whitehall Resources expressed profound gratitude, recognising it as a testament to their hard work, unwavering perseverance, and the ongoing trust their clients and stakeholders place in them.

Recruiter Fast 50 - Whitehall Resources
Recruiter Fast 50

Eyes on the Future

Looking ahead, Whitehall Resources is poised to continue this trajectory of growth and success. Their mission is clear – connecting top-tier talent with innovative companies and, in doing so, helping to address the UK’s tech skills shortage whilst fuelling economic growth.

For Whitehall Resources, this recognition in the Recruiter Fast 50 is more than a point of pride. It is a call to action, a reminder of the vital role the recruitment industry plays, and a motivator for sustained commitment to excellence.

Whitehall Resources’ success in these times of challenge and change serves as a reminder that resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to service are the cornerstones of sustainable growth.

About the author

Whitehall Resources is the premier SAP recruitment agency dedicated to connecting high-quality specialist professionals with some of the world’s most renowned and respected brands.

A Sustainable Vision for Our Future: Carbon Neutrality

GGE Badge- Carbon Neutral PAS 2060 - 2023 transparent

Whitehall Resources, a leader in SAP recruitment, prides itself on the unwavering pursuit of excellence and a results-oriented approach. Today, we are delighted to shed light on another cornerstone of our commitment – a steadfast dedication to sustainability and carbon neutrality.

Whitehall Resources proudly meets the criteria of a Carbon Neutral organisation per the PAS 2060 standard. This internationally recognised carbon neutrality standard is the brainchild of the British Standards Institute (BSI).

For the first time, we have calculated our organisation’s carbon footprint (CO2e)  from 1st June 2021 to 31st May 2022. This initial measurement serves as our baseline carbon footprint, against which we will measure our future reductions.

Our adherence to the PAS 2060 standard encompasses Scope 1 & 2 and select Scope 3 emissions. The criteria align with the operational control principle defined in the 2014 WRI GHG Protocol – Corporate Accounting Standard.

Understanding our baseline footprint forms the backbone of our carbon reduction plan, designed to minimise our footprint progressively and consistently.

We pledge to diminish our footprint in the forthcoming 12-month period, with an unwavering commitment to annually re-measure our carbon footprint and continually reduce it.

As we stand at the threshold of our carbon measurement journey, we have counterbalanced 100% of our first-year baseline carbon footprint through a reputable carbon offset scheme, per guidance from the PAS 2060 Standard. Although our prime focus will be on carbon footprint reduction in the coming years, we will continue to offset any remaining emissions. We acknowledge that our carbon reduction endeavours hold more environmental significance and pose lower associated risks compared to offsetting.

Our carbon reduction plan is a multifaceted one, integrating both immediate and long-term strategies. We are actively encouraging eco-friendly commuting among our employees and envisage transitioning our company fleet to electric vehicles by 2030. We are also fostering a climate-conscious culture within our workforce and supplier network. To drive our sustainability agenda, we have designated ‘green champions’ among our staff and are working with suppliers to establish carbon reduction goals.

In accordance with the PAS 2060 standard, we have developed a Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES), which is available on our website: Whitehall Resources – Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES).

We believe in full transparency when making environmental claims. Hence the quality of data used to calculate our carbon footprint, along with our carbon reduction plan and commitment, is encompassed within the QES.

In our endeavour to offset our 2022 carbon emissions, Whitehall has purchased 187 Verified Carbon Units (VCUs) from the World Land Trust’s (WTA) reputable Carbon Balanced Project, to offset the equivalent of 186.67 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). By participating in the WTA Carbon Balanced programme, we are contributing to a biodiversity conservation and restoration project in Guatemala – a country which loses an average of 180,000 acres of forest each year due to various reasons like slash-and-burn agriculture, cattle ranching, and monoculture plantations.

By investing in the REDD+ project ‘Caribbean Guatemala: The Conservation Coast’, managed by WLT partner FUNDAECO, we are contributing to the preservation of over 300,000 acres of tropical forests and wetlands that extend across Guatemala’s entire Caribbean coastline. Not only do these ecosystems serve as carbon sinks, but they also provide essential services like clean drinking water, timber, and natural disaster risk reduction.

As a supporter, Whitehall is safeguarding the habitat of 30 species of high conservation value and 500 bird species. The project focuses on improving healthcare and education access for women and girls, particularly among Indigenous groups, developing sustainable agroforestry systems and livelihoods, and encouraging ecotourism that will employ local community members.

The Conservation Coast project has earned certification from the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) and Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard (CCBS) and is also REDD+.

Understanding the PAS 2060 Certification

Introduced in 2010 and revised in 2014, the PAS 2060 standard, issued by the British Standards Institution (BSI), is a universally accepted specification for carbon neutrality.

To secure PAS 2060 certification, an organisation must fulfil four requirements:

  • Carbon Footprint Measurement: Accurate determination of the organisation’s carbon footprint to gauge its environmental impact.
  • Publication of a Qualifying Explanatory Statement (QES): This encompasses a pledge to attain carbon neutrality, a timeline to realise this goal, a detailed carbon reduction plan, and a commitment to continuous emissions reduction.
  • Investment in High-Quality Carbon Offsets: To balance the carbon footprint for a specified period, organisations must invest in trusted carbon offset initiatives.
  • Annual Carbon Footprint Reduction: Demonstrable annual reduction in the organisation’s carbon footprint, reinforcing its enduring commitment to sustainability.

Go Green Experts Ltd has calculated Whitehall’s carbon footprint and is the 3rd Party assessor in the production of Whitehall’s PAS 2060 QES.

About the author

Whitehall Resources is a leading SAP recruitment agency with a strong commitment to environmental sustainability. They meet the internationally recognised PAS 2060 standard for carbon neutrality and actively work towards reducing their carbon footprint while investing in biodiversity conservation and restoration projects.

£54M Investment: UK Government’s Push for Secure AI

The UK government is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to technology. Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology Chloe Smith recently announced a significant investment of £54 million to support the country’s artificial intelligence (AI) research. But what does this mean, and why is it important?

Understanding AI and Its Potential

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks usually requiring human intelligence. This can include anything from recognising speech and images to making decisions. The potential of AI is vast, with implications for nearly every aspect of modern life, from healthcare and education to climate change mitigation and beyond. This is why the UK Government is investing heavily in it.

You can learn more about the UK’s goal of ‘making the UK a science and technology superpower by 2030, in the UK Science and Technology Framework.

Building Trustworthy and Secure AI

The investment aims to foster the growth of the UK’s tech ecosystem, focusing on ensuring the AI developed is trustworthy and secure. At the heart of this effort, £31 million of the funding has been awarded to Responsible AI UK, led by the University of Southampton. RAI UK aims to “deliver world-leading best practices for how to design, evaluate, regulate and operate AI systems in ways that benefit people, society and the country.”

Secure AI is vital as it helps prevent unauthorised access and tampering and ensures that AI systems are reliable. Unsecured AI systems can be exploited for malicious purposes, or can perpetuate biases and inaccuracies.

The consortium will play a pivotal role in driving national discussions on responsible AI and fostering a cohesive AI ecosystem across the entire UK. Their close collaboration with policymakers will provide valuable evidence for future policy and regulation while also offering guidance to businesses on the responsible deployment of AI solutions.

Investing in Real-World Solutions

The research being funded is not just theoretical. It’s also about finding practical, innovative solutions to real-world problems. For instance, £13 million will go towards 13 projects developing pioneering AI innovations for sustainable land management, efficient CO2 capture, and improved resilience against natural hazards.

UK’s Position in Global AI Research

To put this investment into perspective, the UK is making substantial strides in AI research compared to other nations. Last year, the UK became just the third country in the world to have a tech sector valued at $1 trillion, making it the biggest in Europe and third globally, behind only the US and China. This new funding commitment will only bolster the UK’s position as a global leader in technology.

Developing the Next Generation of AI Talent

This announcement also follows a recent £117 million funding for Centres for Doctoral Training in AI and a further £46 million to support Turing AI Fellowships, a programme aiming to develop the next generation of top AI talent.

This all leads to a clear trend: the UK government is committed to advancing AI, not just in terms of technology but also in terms of the people who are going to push this technology forward.

Professor Dame Ottoline Leyser, Chief Executive of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), said:

“UKRI is investing in the people and technologies that will improve lives for people in the UK and around the world. By supporting research to develop AI that is useful, trustworthy and trusted, we are laying solid foundations on which we can build new industries, products and services across a wide range of fields.”

Introducing New Generations to Tech: A Pathway to Success

In the quest for tech dominance, upskilling and reskilling have become vital components of the UK’s thriving tech landscape. Over the past five years, nearly 3,000 ed-tech startups have secured an impressive £1.7 billion in funding.

The impact is tangible, as UK companies are actively seeking to bolster their talent pool with entry-level tech roles. In just a year, these roles have more than doubled, surging from 6,596 in November last year to over 15,000 this year. This surge reflects a concerted effort by businesses to cultivate a new generation of tech talent and nurture them into future industry leaders.

The landscape of tech opportunities is expanding, providing a gateway for individuals of all backgrounds to enter the tech world. Whether you’re a recent graduate, a career changer, or someone eager to upskill, the UK’s tech ecosystem is poised to guide you towards a rewarding and successful future.

The Potential Impact of the Investment

The impact of this investment is expected to be wide-ranging. In terms of the economy, it’s set to secure the UK’s position as a science and tech superpower, spurring economic growth and creating better-paid jobs. As for society, it could lead to breakthroughs in everything from climate change to healthcare, improving the quality of life for people in the UK and potentially around the world.

Technology Secretary Chloe Smith, said:

We’re investing in our AI talent pipeline with a £54 million package to develop trustworthy and secure artificial intelligence, and putting our best foot forward as a global leader in tech both now, and in the years to come.

The £54m investment will drive the government’s ambition to position the UK as the world’s most innovative economy and establish a technology ecosystem that solidifies the UK’s position at the forefront of global tech advancement.

Key Takeaways

  • £54 million investment in UK AI research demonstrates the government’s commitment to technology and innovation.
  • AI has vast potential across various sectors, from healthcare to climate change mitigation.
  • The investment focuses on building trustworthy and secure AI, led by the Responsible AI UK consortium.
  • Funding supports practical AI projects for sustainable land management, CO2 capture, and resilience against natural hazards.
  • The UK is a global leader in AI research, with a tech sector valued at $1 trillion.
  • Funding also supports the development of AI talent through training programs and fellowships.
  • The Investment is expected to secure UK’s position as a science and tech superpower, driving economic growth and improving quality of life.
  • The government aims to make the UK the most innovative economy and establish a leading global tech ecosystem.

About the author

Whitehall Resources is the leading specialist SAP recruitment agency in the UK. Through our expansive network, our teams keep a close watch on trends and developments in the AI sector. This article is a part of our initiative to spread awareness and insights into developments within AI.

Hunde am Arbeitsplatz: Die Rückkehr unserer vierbeinigen Recruitern.

Unsere Hunde waren heute für Dogs at Work Day wieder im Büro. Es war schön zu sehen, wie Bailey, Bruce, Chester, Ralph und Mister Noodles das zweite Jahr wiederkamen, um unsere Personalvermittler während des Tages zu unterstützen und zu motivieren.

Wir haben einige unserer letzten Teilnehmer vermisst – Ludotron entschied sich für einen Last-Minute-Urlaub, und Frank und Pier waren zu sehr damit beschäftigt, ein Nickerchen zu machen und sich um ihre Häuser zu kümmern – Hanna, Starla und Copper konnten wir jedoch zum ersten Mal begrüßen. Sie fühlten sich wie zu Hause und sind eine fantastische Bereicherung für das Team.

Als Teil des Dogs at Work Day hatten wir morgens einen Bake-Sale, und Bier- und Prosecco-Gläser für 1 £ am Nachmittag, um Geld für den National Animal Welfare Trust in Clacton zu sammeln. Die Stiftung kümmert sich um Hunde, Katzen, Kaninchen, Meerschweinchen, Vögel und Feldtiere. Wenn Sie spenden möchten, können Sie dies auf unserer Justgiving-Seite tun.

Warum organisieren wir Dogs at Work Day?

Viele Studien haben gezeigt, dass das Streicheln eines Hundes den Blutdruck senkt, Ihren physiologischen Zustand in einen entspannteren Modus umwandelt, dass Sie sich besser fühlen und Stress reduzieren. Hunde sind auch sehr sozial und lieben es, sich in die täglichen Aktivitäten des Menschen zu engagieren und werden zu einer starken Quelle für soziale Interaktion. Deshalb veranstalten wir Dogs at Work jedes Jahr im Rahmen unseres Wohlfühlprogramms. Andere erfolgreiche Unternehmen, die Dogs at Work Day veranstalten, sind Amazon, Google und Ben & Jerry’s.

Best Companies 3 Stars “Außerordentlich” im dritte Jahr in Folge

Whitehall Resources wurde mit 3 Sternen als „außergewöhnlich“ ausgezeichnet – die höchstmögliche Bewertung in der Best Companies-Umfrage 2019.

Wir haben im letzten Jahr an der anonymen Umfrage von Best Companies teilgenommen, in der das Unternehmen in acht verschiedenen Kategorien bewertet wird. Wir freuen uns sehr, zum dritten Mal in Folge die höchstmögliche Punktzahl erhalten zu haben. Das Wissen, dass sich unsere Teams unterstützt, betreut und Teil unserer Whitehall-Familie fühlen, inspiriert uns dazu, härter zu arbeiten, um jeden Tag besser zu werden.

Die Ergebnisse basieren auf anonymem Feedback zu folgenden Bereichen:

  • Mein Manager
  • Führung
  • Meine Firma
  • Persönliches Wachstum
  • Mein Team
  • Wohlbefinden
  • Faires Angebot
  • Etwas zurückgeben

Wir sind sehr stolz auf alle unsere Teams und auch auf unsere Teamleiter und Manager, die Unterstützung und Anleitung zur Förderung der Karriereentwicklung des Teams bieten. Allein im Jahr 2018 gab es 20 Beförderungen, und wir freuen uns, in diesem Jahr noch mehr zu sehen.

Das Wohlergehen unserer Mitarbeiter ist uns auch sehr wichtig. Wir organisieren Aktivitäten wie „Dogs at Work“, wir fördern Wellnessinformationen und arbeiten eng mit unserer Community zusammen. Durch die Organisation von Spendenaktionen haben wir die Möglichkeit, etwas zurückzugeben.

Wir sind jedoch stets bemüht, uns zu verbessern, um sicherzustellen, dass unsere Whitehallianer hier eine großartige Erfahrung haben, dass wir unsere Teams unterstützen und entwickeln und dass wir zusammen wachsen, um die größten und besten in der Branche zu werden. Wir freuen uns auf die Fortsetzung unserer Wachstumspläne und auf die nächsten Abenteuer in Whitehall. Los Team!

Möchten Sie bei uns arbeiten? Sehen Sie sich unsere aktuellen Stellenangebote an

Whitehalls Weihnachtsfeier 2017

Am Samstagabend traf das gesamte Whitehall-Team mit Partnern im Hotel Five Lakes in Essex ein. Wir sind angekommen, um das Ende eines weiteren ausgezeichneten Jahres zu feiern.

Jedes Jahr beginnt die Nacht mit einem Team-Foto auf der Treppe. Wie Sie sehen können, müssen wir nächstes Jahr eine größere Treppe finden! Wir begaben dann zu einem Sektempfang … und ein paar einleitenden Reden. Nach den Reden gingen wir in den Hauptraum. Katie hatte einen tollen Job gemacht, sie zu dekorieren (und auch die ganze Nacht zu organisieren). Dann begann die Preisverleihungszeremony! Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle unsere Gewinner:

Die Nacht ging weiter mit Essen, einer offenen Bar und Schneeballschlachten!