Recruitment Services

Whitehall Resources is on a mission to provide you with recruitment services that go far beyond anything offered by any other agency. We succeed by putting our clients and candidates first – and never forgetting our business is about people, first and foremost.

When you pick up the phone and ask us to find you top quality candidates, our search will have begun long before your call. If you are a candidate, we match you to employers that fit your career aims. As a specialist SAP, Oracle and IT recruiter, we have built a network of the best people in the market. The most senior consultants in the business like us and trust us, ensuring we can fill even the most specialised position, quickly and accurately. And because we truly know the marketplace, we don’t waste employers’ time with unsuitable candidates. We recruit people who are right for your role — because we know their background, reputation and the people who recommend them.  That means we only send out the CVs of exceptional people – usually within hours. And unless our clients hire one of them, they pay nothing. It’s our guarantee.

We have the capabilities to deliver a full spectrum of recruitment services. We maintain a close contact with our clients and value early engagement in the recruiting process in order to maximise the largest possible pool of candidates. Whitehall Resources consultants are expert in role definition, search and selection as well as the management of contractors to reduce risk. As a client, you benefit by dealing with an account manager who is specialist in your sector and who is supported by account management and administration teams.

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Defining Requirements

SWOT Analysis and Market Intelligence

Whitehall Resources being a niche supplier understands the current position of other companies competing for the same skills as well as the availability of these skills in the marketplace relative to the location of our clients. This enables clients to ensure they pitch the candidate offer correctly in relation to the market landscape maximising their chances of success.

Requirement Specification and Definitions

As a specialist recruiter Whitehall Resources is able to define requirements with clients to ensure that the description is a close match to the skills required. This is especially useful for new hiring managers joining our clients as not only can we specify roles accurately we add additional value in the knowledge that we have about our clients, culture, team fit and location.

Search and Selection Recruitment Services

CRM Database

We maintain an extensive database of candidate profiles. This includes their CVs and other documentation held digitally such as accreditations, eligibility to work, test scores recommendations and references.


We place over 42% of candidates from our relationships and referral networks; this is what it means to be niche market experts. Our consultants will also access our CV database and are able to search on multiple criteria accurately and quickly. This enables Whitehall Resources to come to rapid decisions about taking search beyond our known database and contacts in to the market via advertising, social media, our web sites and third party agencies.


Whitehall trains its consultant to conduct telephone and face to face interviews against the role requirements. This skill is essential in developing a shortlist of candidates that clients wish to see and interview. The feedback from this activity is provided as part of the candidate profiling documentation at the shortlisting stage. Clients may introduce filters prior to candidates reaching the interview stage such as:

  • CRB Checking
  • Security clearance and vetting
  • CV confirmation
  • Key skills competency testing
  • Psychometric testing
  • Candidate logistics and due diligence

Our consultants manage the logistics process of arranging diaries and getting candidates to interviews. Our clients may have documentation to sign prior to candidates arriving on site and we achieve this either from a face to face interview with the candidate, or using our secure online digital signing and document management solution provided by Adobe called Echo.

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Contractor Management Recruitment Services

Our clients often have a significant number of contractors in a fluid environment of on and off boarding. This can be further complicated when managing them over a number of sites and countries. In addition, from time to time contractor issues may arise in terms of fit and performance. Compliance and governance becomes a significant risk and Whitehall Resources have solutions in place to completely de risk contractor management processes. How well contracts are structured and managed have an influence on the reduction of costs and risks to the organisation. Critical to success are well-defined standardised processes, well-defined deliverables, solid workflow and accurate timesheet management and payment processes. Whitehall Resources can completely remove these risks from our clients.

Contractor payroll services

We can transition incumbent contractors and suppliers to ensure that risk is reduced and service improved. We manage contact with a plan to minimise disruption to business for key resources but replace and migrate others at agreed junctions to clean up your contractor and supplier ledgers.

We engage contractors as our own and you benefit from a service  improvement, with happier contractors who are paid more frequently. We manage your extensions pro-actively and communicate them effectively. Read more about our contractor payroll service.


Whitehall maintains account and administrative functions to deliver compliance and governance in on boarding new contractors, including umbrella company administration.

Contractor payments

Whitehall CRM database is integrated into Sage accounting. Within the CRM system to candidate level rates and timesheet information are stored to allow automatic and 100% accurate payment of contracts against client’s payment practises and schedules.

Contracts Management

Whitehall manages contractors in terms of legal, performance, payments and any other issues on behalf of our clients.

KPI Reporting

Our CRM systems have a number of standard reports for clients, but are also configurable to meet our client’s specific KPI measurements.