Front End Typescript

Front End Typescript

Whitehall Resources are currently looking for a Front End Typescript.

Key Requirements:

– Design, implement and operate the integration architecture for the acquisition, transformation and storage of business process content from diverse data sources.
– Assure integration from heterogenous technical and semantical source format into unified representation in a RDF triple store.
– Work out details of existing initial design in alignment with responsible SAP architect and other team members.

Key Experience:

– The external contractor takes on the following tasks within the project, which are carried out independently:
* Build data integration subprocess as part of a broader content ingestion framework for a semantical layer based on a RDF triple store.
* Design end to end integration subprocess for a specific content domain based on a predefined architectural template defining how to load, transform and write data into the RDF triple store.
* Understand the UML based definition of the target data model and map it to the structure of the source data.
* Implement the components of the integration process in Python.
-* Define and implement the transformation of source data coming from e.g. excel or json based data structures into the target model in Python.
* Load the data into a RDF triple store using a SPARQL based writer component.
* Test and validate the results, contribute to automated unit testing.
* Provide reporting and analytics of created data.
* Support implementation of services to access data from triple store for further consumption – in Java and/or Python – as needed in alignment with the SAP team.
* Document details of the implementation and operation of the integration process and its components.

Key Skills:

– Senior developer with knowledge in data modelling, data transformation and integration, Python, Java, UML, RDF, SPARQL, cloud application programming, test driven development, docker, git.

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