Antony Burt

Senior Consultant | DACH SAP Team


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Specialist skills:

  • SAP Swiss market specialist
  • SAP contract markets
  • Account management

After I finished my education, I wanted a career that would challenge me.  One thing that I understand more than anything is people. I feel like I have knack for understanding their wants and motivations.  The world of recruitment fits that description, because recruitment is a challenging environment that is all about the people.  Whether it is the candidates or the clients, understanding people is what this career revolves around.

From the get go, the people at Whitehall were welcoming, supportive and passionate about what they do.  That is how I knew that this was the right step for me.  I really felt that the fit was right and I’m working in an environment where the people around me have the same drive to succeed that I do.

Not only do I want to succeed at everything I do, I want to find a broader meaning in what I do. That is what recruitment gives me, because as I see it, recruitment is more than just finding the right people for your clients.  I see recruitment as helping people make career choices, follow their dreams and helping them make that next step in their life.  Whether it’s a dream job, a dream location or simply travelling the world, I can help make that happen.

For me, it is not all about work though. From a young age, I have always loved sports, football more so than anything else.  Playing, watching, supporting, I love everything about it.  I believe that sports are where my competitive nature was first really put to the test.  I feel like that is where I truly found my passion to succeed at everything I do.  I know what it feels like to succeed, and I know what it feels like to fail, and I will choose succeeding every time.  The feeling is unparalleled.


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