Game UI Developer

Game UI Developer

Whitehall Resources are currently looking for a Game UI Developer for a key client based in Leicestershire,

Our client has over 30 years in the game-making business, every moment has been dedicated to kicking out one beloved title after another. They have tried all manner of new things in that time, but if theres one thing theyve truly come to believe, its the importance of having fun every single day and infusing it into everything they create. Thats the core of who they are. They strive to keep there offices a fantastic place to work, from its beautiful locations and state-of-the-art facilities to a strong focus on work/life balance.

Role Purpose
As a Game UI Developer youll be part of a team of friendly, highly talented developers who like nothing better than sharing their own challenges and their expertise with you. Sat alongside fellow engineers, designers and artists, you will be responsible for helping to build the core features and components used to implement the various UI designs, along with extending and developing our UI toolchain to support the current and future needs of there projects.

There big believers in high-quality engineering and since there developing there products as services, they aim for fast iteration but with a focus on robust methods. This means that they embrace modern development practices such as continuous delivery, automated testing, code reviews, pair programming and agile methods.

Key Accountabilities
* Deliver high-fidelity web-based solutions to support the clients next games.
* Build creative solutions to technical problems encountered.
* Continuously work to minimise technical debt and maintenance hazards.
* Champion quality in the clients development process, demonstrating there values and taking an active role in improvement of engineering.
* Be part of the clients culture; Be inquisitive, try things out, break stuff, help people be even better, think like you own the place.
* Liaise with other teams, help identify technical challenges and identify core player value.

Key Skills
* Modern Javascript Web Development
* Solid understanding of Design Patterns and Object Oriented Design
* Experience working with web components
* CSS and Preprocessing
* Understand the complexities of working on multi-lingual products.
* Have a keen eye on rendering performance, and know how to profile
* Experience working with Typescript desirable, but not essential
* Experience writing unit tests in Jasmine or similar
* Experience working with JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, Backbone

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.