Senior Agile Project Manager

Senior Agile Project Manager

Whitehall Resources require a Senior Agile Project Manager to work with a client based in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.

* Lead the collaborative, dynamic planning process, prioritisation of work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team.
* Ensure the project teams adheres to agile delivery principles and actively try to identify areas of improvement and conceptualize methods on how to be more efficient
* Facilitate workshops, meetings and stakeholder management within the wider organisation
* Work with the Product Owners and the Project Team to scope the requirements translate them into a realistic project roadmap.
* Manage business stakeholder interactions to maximize the value created by the team and ensure we delivered based on defined commitments
* Own the governance activities required for project planning, budget forecasting, reporting, stakeholder engagement and communications
* Key to the role is to identify project risks and issues, assessing and recognising criticalities and contingencies.

Skills required:
* Communicative and social – Must be able to communicate well with teams, product owners and business leads
* Facilitative – Must be able to lead and demonstrate value-add principles to the team and contribute to the overall process improvement
* Assertive – Must be able to ensure that the project governance is observed, and Agile principles are adhered to. Must be able to be a voice of reason and authority, make the tough calls
* Situationally Aware – Must be the first to notice differences and issues as they arise and elevate them to management
* Enthusiastic – Must have high-energy
* Continual improvement – Must continually be growing one’s craft, trying new techniques to manage the project and teams
* Conflict resolution – Must be able to facilitate discussion, define alternatives or different approaches
* Attitude of empowerment – Must be able to lead a team to self-organisation
* Attitude of transparency – Must desire to bring disclosure and transparency to the business about development and build stakeholder trust

Technical Skills:
* Understand the fundamentals of iterative development
* Understands other processes and methodologies and can speak intelligently about them and leverage other techniques to provide value to a team/enterprise
* Understands the fundamentals of data and analytics processes and procedures
* Understands the value of commitments to delivery
* Understands incremental delivery and the value of metrics
* Understands backlog tracking, burndown metrics, velocity, and task definition
* Familiarity with common Agile practices, service-oriented environments, and better development practice
* Experience in delivering projects on cloud-based platforms is an advantage

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.