Lead Technical Architect

Lead Technical Architect required by Whitehall Resources for a 6 month initial contract based in London with UK wide travel

Role Description
Lead TA managing 8 TAs across London, Birmingham, Nottingham, Glasgow
Theyll need to support this team and oversee their work, provide guidance and contribute to technical strategy and solutions whilst managing upwards (heads of digital agency and collaborate with leads across all other professions in those areas
They need to understand whats going on across all three agencies and ensure their team of tech archs embedded in those agile team/ service areas are developing and working to an aligned technical strategy. Assisting where needed

Required skills/Experience

Turning business problems into the technical design – The ability to work with business and technology stakeholders to translate business problems into technical designs. Creates an optimal design through an iterative process, aligning the user needs with the system requirements and organisational objectives.

Expert at designing systems characterised by high levels of risk, impact and business or technical complexity.

Bridging the gap between technical and non-technical -Translates technical concepts between software engineering, delivery management and service management so they are understood by all.

Expert at mediating and mending relationships, communicating with stakeholders at all levels.

Making and guiding decisions – Capable of making and guiding effective decisions, explaining clearly how the decision has been reached.

The ability to understand and resolve technical disputes across varying levels of complexity and risk. Able to make decisions characterised by medium levels of risk and complexity and recommend decisions as risk and complexity increase. Able to build consensus between services or independent stakeholders.

Understanding the whole context – The ability to look beyond the immediate technical problem and identify the wider implications. ‘Zooming out’ in three dimensions – knowing relevant historical context and future impact, understanding how current work fits in broader contexts and strategies, and looking for deeper underlying problems and opportunities. Able to understand trends and practices within the broader organisation and how these will impact their work. Able to look for deeper underlying problems and opportunities.

Can anticipate problems before they occur and identify the impact of changes to the policy

A solid background in version control with Git, and experience of automated testing techniques, continuous integration, automated deployment pipelines and associated infrastructure.

Experience of introducing practices such as test-driven development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and DevOps to teams.

Experience working with cloud infrastructure

Practical knowledge at many levels of the technology stack, from a range of application servers and databases down to server infrastructure and networking.

Working knowledge of both Windows and UNIX-like operating systems such as Linux and Mac OS X

Desirable skills/Experience::

Demonstrable experience of agile development in Ruby, Python, JavaScript, or similar, and their associated frameworks, and ideally working knowledge of several programming languages. You should have a practical working knowledge of modern cloud-first architectures, and how to build applications to take advantage of the opportunities they offer.

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.