ETL Developer

ETL Developer required by Whitehall Resources for an initial 3 month contract based in Berkshire

Candidates must have strong skills in frontend or backend web developer (or both) and be ready to quickly get to work within a multi-disciplinary team of developers, designers, editors, analysts focussed on one or more products or projects.

Role Responsibilities:

– Building web and mobile products to serve a variety of citizens needs.
– Implementing APIs for internal and external use.
– Building up a useful, robust automated test suite to support a Continuous Deployment environment.
– Being involved in the wider web development community, identifying good practices we can adopt and share our experiences.
– Sharing knowledge of tools and techniques with the wider team, both developers and non-developers
– Taking part in 2nd-line support of applications and platforms, including occasional support outside of office hours

Specialist Skills & experience required:

– Bachelors degree in computer science, information technology or another computer-based discipline.
– Experience building server-side web applications and detailed knowledge of at least one programming language (we use a range of languages including ruby, python and scala) and/or detailed understanding and experience of front-end web development (HTML/CSS/JS)
– In addition to the standard education credentials, you must be able to prove youre technically capable with some of the coding languages commonly used in ETL development. These include SQL, Java, XML and several data warehouse architecture techniques such as EDW, ODS, DM, ROLAP and MOLAP. Employers also prefer ETL developer candidates who already have extensive experience troubleshooting and solving complex technical problems.
– Extract, transform, load refers to the practice of loading data into a data warehousing environment in a business. This means data need to be copied, or extracted, from your businesses processes and loaded into the data warehouse so all of the information is up-to-date. An ETL developer is responsible for designing the data storage system for the company as well as testing and troubleshooting it before it goes live.
– ETL developers are responsible for designing and creating the data warehouse and all related extraction, transformation and load of data functions in the company. After the groundwork has been laid, developers also must test their designs to ensure the system runs smoothly. Furthermore, developers must be experts at taking a big-picture view of a companys data situation. A skill set that many employers look for is called data modeling. This means developers need to be able to read, analyze and digest what a business wants to accomplish with its data, and design the best possible ETL process around those goals. Database designs take on many forms, including star and snowflake schemas.
– ETL Developer Personality Traits. Though the role of ETL developer requires someone with a broad technical knowledge, it also requires someone with a good set of communication skills and an analytical mind. Since the ETL developer is responsible for leading an IT team as it builds the data warehouse, he must be able to communicate goals and instructions in a clear and efficient manner. In addition, developers frequently work with the business side of the company to determine the best course of action when designing the system. This means the developer needs to be able to listen to and interpret what the business side wants to see accomplished, discuss details in an easy-to-understand way, and then translate it all into nuts-and-bolts technical output.


– Knowledge of relational and non-relational database systems
– System administration and configuration management skills
– Experience presenting work at user groups and conferences
– Experience of building and scaling high-traffic websites
– Unders

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.