Windows Support Floorwalker - SC Cleared

Windows Support Floorwalker – SC Cleared

Whitehall Resources are currently looking for a Windows Support Floorwalker – SC Cleared

Key Requirements:

– The role of the Floorwalker is to support the client’s staff during the deployment of Win 10/Office 2016. The responsibilities of the role can be summarised as:
* Coaching End Users on features and usage of Windows 10 and Office 2016.
* Explaining the other support mechanisms available to End Users.
* Resolving End User Issues.
* Capturing End User Feedback.
– The Win 10 Programme is committed to giving End Users the best possible experience throughout deployment and the Floorwalkers play an important part in attaining that goal.

Key Responsibilities:

– Floorwalkers will be based in a deployment hub and have a schedule of floorwalking visits week by week depending on critical mass of customers in a location.
– Their responsibilities will vary according to the deployment phase.
– Run pre-familiarisation sessions across sites.
– Collate feedback on sessions.
– Manage logistics, demand and attendance for sessions.
– Customer meet and greet at the Deployment Hub.
– Run ‘Welcome to device’ chalk and talk sessions at the Hub.
– Collate Feedback on Sessions.
– Manage logistics and attendance for those sessions.
– Floorwalkers are available in deployment/office locations during and 3 days post deployment.
– There will always be a floorwalker available in local deployment hub for 1’s and 2’s.
– Can signpost apps owners/support for non Win10/Office 2016 queries.
– Online chat support – Chat bot.

Key Skills:

– Able to advise End Users on Windows 10 and Office 2016 core applications functionality.
– Coaching & Development.
– People person, able to build and maintain relationships.
– Proactive and positive approach to owning and resolving customer issues.
– Active listener able to discern themes within customer feedback.

All of our opportunities require that applicants are eligible to work in the specified country/location, unless otherwise stated in the job description.