Meet the team

Our teams are focussed by region and technology to provide you with unrivalled support. Our areas of specialism cover all aspects of SAP and IT recruitment across the UK, Europe and the Middle East. Use the filters below to find the consultant who can work with you to help find your next role, or can send you a perfect candidate match within a matter of hours.

Tremayne Hall Managing Director
Ricky Knight Sales Director
Mathew Sturman Finance Director
Luke Percival Manager | Contract | UK | SAP
Neil Mansfield Manager | Client Services Management | ERP & IT
Adam Edgell Manager | Contract | Key Accounts Delivery | ERP & IT
Nadia Westhorp Manager | Permanent | UK | IT
Chris Morris Manager | Permanent | UK | SAP & Data
Jade King Business Manager | UK Permanent - ERP & IT Client Development
Carla Lane In-House Legal Counsel
Rhi Hodgkins Administration Manager
Louise Hawkins HR Manager
Harrison Pickett Managing Consultant | MENA SAP
Shane Scott Managing Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Ross Waugh Managing Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Samuel Jeggo Managing Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
Daniel Nugent Managing Consultant | UK Permanent - Data & SAP
Danny Hill Managing Consultant | DACH, CEE, BENELUX | SAP
Georgia Pike Executive Client Services Manager
Jacob Lee Managing Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Max Taylor Principal Consultant | UK Permanent - SAP
Ben McGregor Principal Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
Charlie Calderbank Senior Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
Emily Brett Team Lead | Key Accounts Contracts
Jo Sharp Senior Client Services Manager
Matt Wadling Team Lead | Key Accounts Contracts
Ella Wolff Senior Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Adam Flint Senior Client Services Manager
Kim Hopwood Senior Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Nathan Joseph Senior Consultant | UK Client Development – ERP & IT
Nicola Saxham Senior Consultant | DACH SAP
Katie Plowright Senior Consultant | UK Permanent – Development
Jack Urwin Principal Consultant | DACH SAP
Jake Blackman Senior Consultant | UK SAP Permanent
Hannah Burch Senior CSM Coordinator
Sophie Jones Senior Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
George Westhorp Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
Christopher Page Consultant | Key Accounts Contracts
Murray Lange Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Hannah Pile Consultant | UK SAP Permanent
Chloe Bartholomew Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Elishia Savory Resourcer | UK SAP Permanent
Chloe Thake Resourcer | UK SAP Permanent
Amelia Jenkins Resourcer | UK SAP Permanent
Robyn Lawson CSM Coordinator
Michael Sexton Consultant | UK SAP Contracts
Liam Horslen Resourcer | MENA SAP
Sophie Neilson Senior Sales Administrator
Dan Appleby IT Team Lead
Bonita Sargent Management Accountant
Nicole Lever Senior Contracts Administrator
Jason Wood Credit Control Supervisor
Frances Gurton Administration Assistant
Poppy Harris Finance Assistant
Abbie Elwood Administration Assistant
Kirsty Small Contracts Administrator
Keeley Bell Operations Co-ordinator
Kayleigh Rice Credit Control Assistant